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Here you will see what kind of work i do

To whom it may concern;

Currently at the threshold of my career as a machinist, I have been researching companies of interest that I feel would be a good fit for my professional interests. After seeing your ad, I am very interested in joining your organization .

I realize you will need to know a bit more about me in order to consider me as suitable candidate; for this reason, I have enclosed my resume for your review as the first step in the application process. I trust you will find my early experience to be a strong indicator of what I would contribute as a skilled, hardworking member of your innovative manufacturing team.

In my current position as a machinist with J & J Machine, a leading provider of robotic components , I am greatly enjoying the challenges role has to offer. In this unique position, I work collaboratively with a talented team of professionals in the machining of precision parts of robots and

As a hard working associate, I have learned a lot about machining in the last 20 years of my career. My technical ability is to machine parts as per print and tight tolerances .I have contributed to making the war in Iraq., I am confident I would be an asset to your company.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I hope to speak with you soon.

Larry D. Roberts


Permanent Address:11328 YarneLL Road KnoxviLLe, TN 37932 (865) 694-6343

ceLL phone (865) 556-7845 email:


To advance my career as a Machinist.

WiLL contribute extensive machining experience with specific emphasis on Bridgeport, Lath, Boring miLL, Grinders,some cnc exp and DriLL press operation.

ProfessionaL Experience


Employers included:

- Machinist, J&J Machine & Tool INC. 1424 McCalla Ave. Knoxville,Tn 2004 to present

- Machinist/machine Repair, Dyer Tool & Automation, Maryville,Tn 2002 to 2003

- Machinist/machine Repair, Industries fabricating & Repair, Knox,Tn 2000 - to 2002

- Machinist, R&R Manufacturing, Warren, MI 1999 - 2000

- Machinist/MoLd Repair, Alloy Industries, Chelsea, MI 1995 - 1998

- Machinist/MoLdmaker, Allmand Industries, Livonia, MI 1992 - 1995

- Machinist/MoLdmaker, Advance Mold, Detroit, MI 1991 - 1992

- Machinist/MoLdmaker, UnifLex Industries, Wixom, MI 1988 - 1991

- Machinist/MoLdmaker, Brothers Industries, Madison Heights, MI 1985 - 1988

Ensure compLiance with production,quaLity,and cLient specifications throughout aLL aspects of machining parts and mold manufacturing.

Apply extensive mechanicaL and machining skiLLs in producing parts according to bLueprint specifications and dimensionaL toLerances.

Perform repairs and accurately operate machinery,incLuding boring miLL, Lathe, Bridgeport, grinders, and spotting molds.

Maintain open Lines of communication with management about production goaLs.

HoLd additionaL responsibiLity for performing quaLity weLding fabrication.

Experience fabricating parts for NASA and performing pour moLd fabrication for Ford Motor company.


Machinist Overview

Background includes a broad-based 20+ year track record of machining experience for increasing productivity, producing top quality

products, and working well as an integral team member.

In-depth knowledge of machining techniques developed through hands-on training and professional experience.

Always maintain compliance with blueprint, client, quality, and production specifications.

Dedicated work ethic as well as the motivation to quickly learn/adapt to new manufacturing environments and machining techniques.

Extensive experience working with and personally own various

tools/equipment, including:

- 18 24" Starrett pink surface plate - #24" in.Digital height gage with processor box

- 36 PC. Gage blocks fowler

- #81 PC. Gage blocks

- 6" Cylinder square with on/off mag

- wirily gig electric

- 36-piece 1/2"-1"/36-piece Metric

- 1" & 11/2" dial face interapid indicators

- 0-6" Starrett mic's

- 0-12" mic's

- 0-12" Anvil Mic.

- 1-12 depth gage STARRETT

- 1-12 depth gage dial

- digital gage 1" with spc.

- dial gages assorted

- 6", 8", & 12" Verniers

- 6" Sign bar

- 6" Machinist vice

- "-6" & 1/2"-6" parallel

- 3" Angle plate

- 11/2", 4", & 10" V block sets

- angle blocks

- drill and tape set

- 112-piece drill set (high speed)

- 112-piece drill set (cobalt)

- straight die grinders

- 90 degree die grinder

- 0 to 6 inch bore gages










Woodworking is my love in my garage and building beds and kitchen islands are some of the things I have built for my wife.

R/C airplanes is what I love to do in my free time also building them and them test flight. With my machining background I find that I build great planes that fly the first time and well. Have a look at my web sites of my hobbies.


With an impressive 18+ year record of experience as a Machinist, I have demonstrated strengths in machining. I am excited about opportunities available with your organization and have enclosed a copy of my resume for your review. Upon thorough review of my credentials, I am confident you will find me a strong candidate for a Machinist position with your organization.

My background is supported by excellent mechanical and machining skills effective for increasing productivity levels and ensuring production goals are achieved/surpassed. I thoroughly understand the importance of maintaining compliance with established blueprint, client, quality, and production specifications throughout all phases of machining activities. Additionally, I offer the resourcefulness and problem-solving abilities necessary to identify solutions effective for increasing productivity, resolving problems, and achieving production goals.


I have enclosed a copy of my resume for your review that will give you some detail regarding my strengths, abilities, and experience. In addition to the skills and experience listed on my resume, I offer genuine enthusiasm and a dedicated work ethic. I am highly motivated and energetic, and capable of using my skills to learn and adapt to any new position. I am confident in my abilities to learn any new skills that I would need for a position with your company and believe that you will find me a promising candidate who will work hard to exceed your expectations for the job.

I understand that this letter and resume cannot fully communicate my qualifications and I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my skills and determination make me a strong match for the position. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Larry D. Roberts